AssetIntel Solutions

KEMPERCM.COM is your headquarters for commercial equipment maintenance, warranty and service contract management services. We have specialized in the commercial equipment programs for over 20 years and support the broadest array of equipment technologies in the industry. If is mechanical, material, electrical or electronic, we support it. To better meet your needs, our firm is segmented into 3 disciplines. TO SAVE MONEY: For organizations looking for ways

to predictably reduce repair and maintenance costs on their own equipment, Kemper Cost Management provides Equipment Maintenance Programs. These programs reduce expense versus manufacturer service contracts as well as providing best practice benefits and management efficiency.
TO INCREASE SALES REVENUES: For manufacturers, distributors and lenders seeking comprehensive warranty services for new and used products,

Commercial Warranty Solutions provides design, administration, insurance and management services bundled to meet client requirements for improved product sales, improved customer loyalty and increased revenues.